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Amethyst is a gem stone of spirituality that is counted one of the most mighty talismans.

Amethyst always counted one of the mightiest talismans. This is a spirituality stone. At all times amethyst was considered a powerful amulet protecting from bad fortune and driving undivided or importunate love from woman's heart. In ancient times amethyst was used for producing cups and goblets preserving from intoxication and poisoning. If someone engraves the images of the sun and the moon on the amethyst then he or she can get one of the mightiest amulets preserving from witchcraft, black magic, evil curse, etc. Amethyst, especially the one of darker shades, was used by invincible soldiers to get confidence and bravery.

This stone preserved them from ill-considered steps and rashness. It helped its owners to succeed in trade and preserved their belongings. It is supposed that amethysts possess a perceptive energy of yin and can affect Adjna charka. Amethyst favors to inner sight by clearing the chakra of the third eye and crown chakra and making the aura's colors more clear. During meditation amethyst assists in reaching the state of rest and relaxation. It gives the feeling of calm and favors the deep comprehension. Indian "Ayurveda" says that amethyst helps to control emotions.

The rings with amethyst were worn by first Christians. Later this custom passed on to bishops and other priests. In 19th century amethyst was jocularly called a "stone of old bachelors". It was prohibited to give decorations with amethyst to young women and girls. Amethyst was considered a lucky stone. In Rome amethyst was called a "blessed" stone. The decoration with amethyst is put under pillow to view good dreams.

This gem helps to develop inner abilities of a man, open the doors to the upper spheres and perceive the wisdom of the universe. The magic properties of this stone are described on antique plates. These plates say that amethyst can stir up love to this gem's grantor, even if the person who takes it was in love with other person up to this moment. Therefore, married people or betrothed people mustn't take any items including this precious stone from strangers.

Many nations consider an amethyst as a symbol of peacefulness, frankness, sincerity and virtue. The owner of the given gem can feel confident that the chosen one is loyal and sincere.

To have an effect amethyst should be worn constantly and only then this precious stone will help to its owner. However, the owner of the stone should remember that this precious stone easily changes its mood and if its owner wears it during conflicts situations, quarrels with everybody at home, then the stone can gear up for negative energetics and start sending it towards its owner. That is why, after any conflict situation the article with amethyst should be kept 5 - 7 minutes under running water to quiet the stone.

Amethyst is a symbol of peacefulness, sincerity and frankness. If you have inner discord, anxiety and mental derangement then amethyst will help you. You will obtain an inner harmony, health and your chosen one will give you love.

There was a belief that amethyst rejuvenates its owner, relaxes the wrinkles and reduces freckles. It helps to get cheerful, wise and drives out unnecessary thoughts. It is put under the pillow to make the owner have happy dreams.

As a talisman, amethyst inspirits and emboldens the person and gives him wisdom. As an amulet it guards against hard drinking and drug addiction, preserves memory and drives out bad thoughts. Amethyst protects the person wearing amethyst from snakes and other reptiles, as well as from bad people. This gem's magic properties are especially strong in February and March. As a talisman, amethyst becomes more active each Saturday and as an amulet it becomes active each Wednesday.

Amethyst should be worn on the fourth finger of the lucky hand. (on the right hand for men, and on the left hand for women). Amethyst has a great significance in magic. Combined with rock crystal it helps to reveal hidden information. This precious stone has to do with marriage and assists in correcting the flaws of the spouse. Amethyst mustn't be worn in gold items but should be worn mounted in silver. When mounted in gold this stone should be used together with other precious stones.

In the ancient times amethyst was counted an amulet guarding from hard drinking and other types of intemperance and poisoning. It is considered that amethyst brings luck, strengthens the willpower and improves metabolism. Beside its "sobering properties" it was believed that amethyst protects from witchcraft.

In India amethyst was counted one of the mightiest magic stones. The crystal of amethyst put between eyebrows calms down consciousness and promotes the peace of mind. Healing violet color of amethyst reduces mental anguish and anxiety, clears thoughts and fills aura with positive energy and good intentions. Indian "Ayurveda" says that amethyst assists in controlling emotions. Amethyst is counted to give the person insight and helps control bad thoughts. There is an opinion that the ring with amethyst brings success in sports contest.

Besides its magic properties, amethyst is truly magically beautiful. Transparent shining shades of light lilac and enchanting dark violet shades will fill your image with unique charm. Those who drank from goblet decorated with amethyst or wore a ring with this gem could feel confident that a drink would not obscure his or her mind or loosen his or her tongue. This lilac stone was a favorite stone of the ancient people also because it helped them during hunting, in sport games and in business. It was worn by Greek and Egyptians and even Sumerian inscriptions on clay plates refer to unusual properties of amethyst.

In Rome amethyst was called a blessed stone that brought success, peace and good, calmed down and made up discords. The rings with blessed stone were worn by the first Christians and later this custom was adopted by popes and bishops. Amethyst was used to make rosary, which were used for praying during wars and natural calamity.

Amethyst is highly valued by travelers for its special properties, because amethyst usually changes its color during daytime before strong wind or storm. This is explained by the fact that amethyst in contrast with other varieties of quartz has a hidden foliated structure as agate. In the Middle Ages amethyst was given to beloved person as a means for preserving from bad thoughts, untimely fading and wrinkles. Sometimes it is used in the hope that it drives out freckles, burns, nervous and sexual disorders, as well as an unfailing remedy from losing memory and old age marasmus.

If a junction of amethyst crystals in a form of a huge geode or druse became a part of your interior then looking with relaxed sight for several minutes at these crystals will affect your conscience and mood. This so-called meditation will help to keep steadiness, sobriety and will prevent from hasty actions with unpredictable consequences.

Natural amethyst slightly changes its color depending on the lighting and the angle of view. Therefore it was especially loved by sailors and travelers. The ancient people believed that by attentive observing one can forecast the weather. If the stone has become darker then the weather will be raining, otherwise, if the stone has become lighter then the weather will be fine. Some people assert that contemplation of amethyst affects physiological processes in organism. Thus, they say that amethyst helps to stimulate the endocrine system, accelerate the splitting of fat and carbohydrates, and improve blood pressure and erection. Thanks to the influence of amethyst, as they allege, wearing beads made out of this stone prolongs women's orgasm and strengthens love and intensifies voluptuous feelings.

Ancient practice recommends that each person has one or two crystals of lilac or blue shades. During melancholy the crystal is supposed to be placed on a table and intensively contemplated to feel the spiritual relation with the stone. Or one should imagine a placid sea with clear horizon and a sun disc set behind the line of setting. Then one should mentally put a crystal in front of setting sun and try to capture a thin delicate ray that sometimes can be seen in atmosphere after rain. Thereafter, one could feel a tide of cheerfulness and soul gladness. It is recommended to thank this precious stone mentally so that it helps you in the future.