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Amethyst is a February gem stone and is most appropriate for people who was born under the Fishes sign.

Amethyst is a stone of peace and equilibrium. The given stone is related with protection and high-ranking friends. Wearing articles with amethyst on certain lunar days (3, 7, 11) helps to cure speech defects, promotes the establishment of contacts with people that you need and setting companies. It is worn on fourth finger of lucky hand. Amethyst similar to rock crystal helps to reveal hidden information. It has a favorable effect on matrimonial relationships. It is associated with Libra (the 7th house of zodiac) and wearing it in appropriate place could have serious consequences for family life.
This is an airy stone and therefore it is very changeable. It cannot be worn mounted in gold, but should be worn only mounted in silver! This precious stone will do harm to people with highly expressed Fishes, Leo and Capricorn. If these signs are stricken then it could be worn mounted in silver on the lucky hand. This gem is especially favorable for signs of air such as Gemini and Libra.

Medieval astrology recommended amethyst to people born under sign of Fishes. According to contemporary data, this stone is most appropriate to people who was born on 11 - 22 January (dark colored), 20 - 29 February, 21 - 31 March, 10 - 20 April, 22 June - 1 July (pale colored), and 23 October - 11 November. Numerologically amethyst harmonizes with people who were born on 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25 and 30 day of each month. Individually it is recommended to people who were born on 16 and 27 January, 20 and 25 February, 6, 11, and 20 April, 8 and 23 May, 12 June, 27 July, 29 August, 27 September, 5 and 19 October, 23 November, 10, 12 and 17 December.

Ceylon amethyst is gentle violet. Brazilian amethyst is bloody and purple. In the ancient times this gem was used as a means from intoxication. It is recommended to be given to beloved ones. It is put under the pillow to have good dreams. They also say that this stone destructs false love relations. However, its power shows up if it is not worn permanently.

Violet or purple transparent stones are a variety of quartz. Its structure contains the defect of crystal lattice as a main sign. Namely this defect secures stone's color. Therefore amethyst is a precious stone that likes paradoxes and surprises and not fearing them at all.

Violet amethyst

Violet amethyst is an intellectual, accelerating and very strict stone. It promotes thoughtfulness, teaches to see the road, by casting away unnecessary items, leads to paradoxical ideas. The gem keeps the man within limits of his intellect without hampering the intellect to develop. It helps to remember and realize everything. It can be worn during sleeping. It will help remember your dreams, understand the results of magic experiments. But this stone can not stand when the person dims himself. Amethyst sharply reacts to intellectual emanation. It substantially increases its transparency and the refraction factor.

Purple amethyst

Purple amethyst is a wild stone. This stone has a really swift energy - it adds energy to the intellect. It loves and feels secret, promotes submission of world by willpower and thoughts. This gem requires a lot of energy for charging. It keeps the charge from several days till several months. Uncharged purple amethyst seems dim and "cheap". This stone is a stone of peace and equilibrium. This stone is related with protection and highly-ranked friends, with sensitivity and contact. Wearing amethyst on certain days (3rd, 7th and 11th) helps to cure speech defects and finding the contact with people you need. It should be worn on the fourth finger of lucky hand (left - for women, right - for men).

Important rule: on the unlucky hand you should wear counter-indicated stones to obtain a balance. According to a great number of European astrologic calendars this stone is ordered to the people who born on the second half of February and the first half of March.

Great astronomer Dominiko Navara, living in XV century, wrote "When the Sun enters the sign of Fishes unusual people born. They often prosper in poetry and music. Amethysts bring them luck." In Ancient Greek amethyst is associated with female deity Gaea and is considered promoting revealing intuition. Sometimes amethyst is called the "third eye stone". One of the clay plates of ancient Sumerians found by archeologists says "Amethyst substitutes the previous love for indifference and open the heart for new love.

Both men and women and should beware of amethyst." There is a belief that there is a link with mineral and its owner. As far back as XIX century some psychics experimented with amethysts by trying to prove that there is some force field that can be perceived only by few people. In XX century astrologists asserted that some minerals have two levels of energy. One level of energy penetrates from without, while another moves in crystal from its center to its borders and stone constantly exchanges energy with the surroundings. Some astrologists assert that the man with his energetic biopotential and get an active participant of this exchange of energy. To believe or not to believe is a free choice of every person.

Amethyst is a February stone and is most favorable for people who were born under the sign of Fishes. From astrologists' perspective, amethyst helps people who were born under February Aquarius to succeed in business and sports, prevents nervous disorder, and endows people born under sign of Fishes with subtle intuition. Amethyst does harm to Capricorn, Leo and Taurus. The rest signs of zodiac can wear it. It is especially helpful to Libra, Gemini and Aquarius.